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Meet Abbey


My Story


My vision as an educator is aligned to the three pillars of dual language education: grade-level academic achievement, bilingualism and biliteracy, and sociocultural competency. I believe that all people can achieve when they're valued, safe, and given consistent access and opportunity.


As a leader my mission is to create systems that give equitable access to all students to achieve these three pillars. I strive to actively remove barriers placed by systems that do not exist to serve all students, especially those from traditionally underserved backgrounds.

As a leader and coach my purpose is to create collaborative communities of educators that celebrate risk-taking and reflection as they develop classrooms and school systems that serve all students holistically.

My experiences as an ELL English Teacher, PK-12 Instructional Coach, District Multilingual Programs Director, Biliteracy Seal Coordinator, and Dual Language Leader have uniquely prepared me to lead our community in the next chapter of growth. This portfolio displays the dedication, hope, and skill I'll bring to the work. 

Read more about my framework for leadership, including my vision for students, teachers, and the learning environment.

Learn more about the systems of belief that guide my work as an educator, coach, and leader.

Building an equitable learning community requires a clear plan and vision.

View my past work and consider the impact my leadership and collaboration could have on your community.

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